Tuesday, March 20, 2007

this is the day for 2 of my cousinz to leave their house for 3 months n suffer for 3 months too. ..geek,geek,geek!!!!good luck guys cuz i was too lucky last year n didnt choose for national service.haha...so damn happy!!!!

but i've changed my mind when I reached her camp site cuz it's such a nice place it would be a good experience in her whole life cuz get to do alot of outdoor activities such as camping...cuz i love camping so much! therefore,soon ming n I decided to join the national service but think back that we have to pay just to be tortured is not worth it at all!!!haha

Anyway,good luck guys!!!!

still a long way to go

desperate~ing sms before going to Ns

nice pic tho,joshua!

in a damn messy room

after supper

have a nice nice facial the night b4......5 hours more to go to the camp

jo's gonna cry..ya cuz she kept on saying that she wanted to cry once we reached the check point at MITC

waiting,waiting n waiting

josh's crocodile tears

this pic may look ugly with ken's necessity

ken,this is the last time u gonna see yr nice hair before yr hair is 'botak'..nice hair..haha

gonna be apart for 3 months~sad

ken's stuff..just 2 bags..prefered to jo's??haiz~~u've lost to jo

registration counter to check in

sending off two of my couzs t NS...congratulation guys cuz i wasn't chosen last year

ready to hit the road

jo's stuff..i think she won the 1st prize with the most stuff n maids..i mean the maids are us

nice view

jo's camp site@ alor gajah..actually it's in a jungle

pity josh!

love this place but have to suffer

under the hot sun

jo's boots n beret..u r gonna suffer

the copy-cat Ronald McDonald's

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