Thursday, December 06, 2007

After exam 'DESSERT'!

moi n cAThy on the way in eric's car~the reckless driver
us with the drinks

son n mother
me with the twins
jaz n jo
couple 1....haha
my bad

the 1st time she clubs...she's a good drinker tho
beatrice n cathy
say cheeeesyyyy~~~
the most wonderful guys to club with
bad shot from me
jaz n sherlynn ~couple 2..haha
nice pic~with pretty ladies
something is weird with me in this pic
we just wana get the best shot!

at least i'm still not blur
the biggest cam-whorer~~~not drunk yet!!!
maybe i was a lil' bit blur
upside down~~~the 1st time ever wrapped myself as a 'bachang' to a club due to the cold weather(but low cut tho)
last cam-whore pic b4 off to bed for my 3hrs bedtime...pity me

Good night!!!It's bed time~~~~~

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