Sunday, December 02, 2007

Finally!!!!Finally!!!!The Day has come!!!!

I'm way too excited now because tomorrow would be the last day of my exam.And I should have supposed studying and not facing my laptop..haha....(I was studying for an hour before this but plan to burn the midnight oil until morning)...My bad habit la..haha

Maybe the same scenario will be happen again as last night as I studies till 6 a.m this morning.In my 'OPINION',it's a big possible that I will be staying up late to study which is 80%.
Britney spears blackout album ,junk food and those old nostalgia photos are my companies for me to stay up late..haha

Mum did ask me a damn silly question when I told her the reason I slept early last night and stayed up till this morning to study.'Tomorrow is the last day so what for to study so much???You should have having fun and relax what!'

'Excuse me ,mum?????Even though tomorrow is the last day but I still have to study k????A-level is not an easy exam as it's the 2nd toughest examination in the world!!!!!'

Anyway,I'm not gonna post something long right now as I have to continue study(I mean after watching The best Years)


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