Friday, January 04, 2008

Drinking X'mas Party!

Michelle's organized a Christmas party at her place few days after X'mas.And I was invited..thnx ya!
We're supposed to be there early BUT her cousin~Shaun's spoiled everything and make it an hour 'EARLY' which is late for an hour..haha....not my fault his fault......We reached Emperor's hotel at around 9 pm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

getting ready!

The main course during the party is liquor!!!!!!!!
But I love the food ESPECIALLY Michelle's potatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

this is the whole bowl of the potatoes!!!!

shaun's admirer!!!!he just keeps on asking her to drink!!!!!
whiski on the deck
the night scene from the 8th floor of the hotel
jaz is bad that night as Shaun taught him to do that!!!!
the both of them

shaun's bad job
meet my new friend~Anusha
now that the lawyer's son has become bollywood superstar..haha

the nicest pic of him...but wasn't taken by me!!!!!!!!!

Conclusion,the whole night party is just about DRINKING!!!!!

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