Friday, March 21, 2008

It's our off day today!Hooray!!!!!!!!

Therefore,Jaz and I have decided to make a 'TRIP' to Jonker street.The reason is to help someone who is going to get married to ask about the marriage registration.We purposely walked all the long way to look for the place as what the future bridegroom told me.

Anyway ,i'm just lending a hand to a friend as she's 'BUSY' in kl even though she's gonna get married in May.
Once we've found the place,we then asked an old man who was standing at the entrance.

Jo:'Is this the place for marriage registration?'

Old man:'You have to go to the other place for registration as they don't do this here.'

Jaz:'What should a couple bring for registration?And how about one of them is under 21 ?'

Old man:'Both of you wana register isit??'

Both:'No la.Is our friend.She's in KL and asked us to help her to ask.'

The old man then explain to us but he also 'blur blur'.
He then asked us the same question back.

Old man:'You want to register isit?'

Both:'Haha....not us la..both of us are still single and available.Impossible would be the both of us....'

Haiz~Also can't blame him la because he's quite old already ...hAha....

After that,we took a stroll along the street and bought some cheap rings but they look nice though.....haha

sunny day @ jonker street
the colourful trishaw
we always look the same in any pics...haha..need a change.

Later then,we went for lunch together as we were starving at Jonker street and just to help someone to ask about the marriage registration.

As time passed by fast~

Jaz:'are you hungry?'

Jo:'Y?You hungry?'

Jaz:'No la..just feel like eating.'

Jo:'K la...then we go for the taiwanese food.'

Honestly,I've never thought that she would ask me this as she doesn't eat much everytime we hook up together and this is the 1st time!!!!!

this is the famous oyster mi sua

Once I'm back home,my cam-whoring habit return.Frankly speaking,I've never cam-whore for quite some time ....haha...that's what I though.

And here are the pretty rings from jonker street

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