Thursday, May 01, 2008

Out of the blue~

I'm stucking with the laptop now!!!!arghh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I've never tried it before since I started to work.But today I 've really made a mistake for taking coffee when hanging out with Jaz.OMG!!!!!!!!
How am I gonna work tomorrow??????????

Something comes across my mind out of the blue.
I noticed that I seldom stay at home and 80% out of my house everyday.Even though i'm 'ALIVE' in malacca but I do feel like I'm 'OUT' of here.

First,I was in Sarawak for 17 days.Those days were not easy though .
Then,I started to work again once I was back to malacca.Honestly,I was damn stress due to the pressure which was given by my manager.I've struggle end of March just to make sure that I did hit my target.

Starting of April,I left home and stayed over night at a friend's place in Subang after the 'disaster shopping spree'.

After this,I'm gonna leave for my summer vacation.Woohooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Beachboys,sun bathing and more stuff during my vacation!!!!!!!!

In a month soon,I'm gonna leave for my further studies.

I don't know whether I'm 'ALIVE' in malacca or not....haha

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