Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Jo's a Chinese...but can't speak good mandarin

I'm eating while blogging now.

Life's getting sucker!No rest at all....I've been busying for my assignments since few days back.
Till midnight everyday!
No shopping for this weekend :(
Have to stay in the library to finish everything!ARGHHH!!!!!!!!

Let's talk about my day.
I've gone for an interview this noon right after class.It's all about the next coming event which is organized by my uni~an event for the Chinese New Year...Big event though!

Before that,I did talk to a few friends and ask about the whole process of the interview.Just to be prepared la........
'Luckily I've got to overcome my nervousness because I've got to present everything in Mandarin.'A girl told me.

I was thinking like"OMG!Mandarin?"
Gonna screw up the interview mann!I can speak but I can't deliver it clearly to the others.
A guy asked me an odd question just now:"How come you don't speak Mandarin?Are you....?"
Before he got to finish his line,I've 'helped' him to finish it with the word 'banana?'
*he asked this cuz I speak English to Yean Yeon while we were waiting for our turn*

Fortunately,Yean Yeon helped me to answer it."She's not so good in Mandarin la"
Actually I didn't really speak that language because they can speak fluent Mandarin!!!!!Much much better than me!
I just didn't want to 'memper-siasui-kan' myself!
A chinese can't speak good Mandarin?!

During the interview~
We've got to present it in English.Ok,I was trying to deliver everything in GOOD Mandarin...........But...............changed it to English after 2 Mandarin words came out from my mouth.

I think I need to take up Mandarin class !

I cant understand those Mandarin that my friends speak to me.
I know I'm SUX!!!!!

Whatever la...............just let everything flows .........................

Take things easy!

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