Sunday, August 03, 2008

Friends come and go in life......

One has left.....another one is leaving...............
The one who's left~Iran--->Finland......He's gonna start a new life there as he's got a chance.Gonna miss him so much as he's the one who always cheer us up when we partayyyy together!

The one who will be going to Finland for a new life!

The one who is going to leave~to Germany.
A nice guy...absolutely an understanding guy!
Hope I can make it to meet you before you leave because i know I'm not in malacca 24/7 as before now...we hardly meet each other..I know that.....will try all my best!!!!!!!!!

Luckily I still have the few of my best~est friends around me.....Sometimes friends are the ones we really need though..It's true!!!!!
I've gained a new life because of them...their supportive spirit and caring hearts!
Only you guys know what I've gone through!

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