Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Almost overslept this morning as I thought my class was 12 but the actual time was 11 in the morning!
I really don't know what's gone wrong with me because I kept thinking that my class at 11 a.m. has become 12 pm.OMG!

Luckily I didn't sleep like a log at all!

Attended a damn FARK UP class today.It's on every Tuesday!
I was late for class due to some 'reasons' and unfortunately I have this 'blind' tutor.
When i just entered the class and gave him the reason for being late,he asked me an idiot and stupid question.
"So now you wana go out or stay in the class?"
Don't you have eyes to see that I just entered the class?!

The worst thing was he marked an answer correct which is TOTALLY WRONG!
Maybe he's fed up that I always correct his mistakes in front of everyone.
HELLO!Your responsibility is to teach and not to make thing worse!There's always mistake in every class!

Frankly speaking,I attend the class just for my attendance and not of what he teaches.
Just to show my face!

Let's move to something 'WEIRD' of my impression for one of my classmates in Marketing tutorial class today.

A guy borrowed my laptop to do his stuff for the presentation and he saw my wallpaper.
Ok,it's my family pic which was taken during my aunt's wedding dinner.

Here's his question.
"Hey,is this you in the pic?Doesn't look like you at all!"
He kept repeating the question so I kept repeating my answer "YES".
So for his information,I told him that I really dressed like a 'GOOD' student in campus.
What for to dress so nice to class?That's not necessary.More over,there are so many rules to follow in our attired code.

The one you people see in campus is not the actual JO,the real JO is the one who likes to dress sexy like nobody business.Haha...

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