Saturday, September 20, 2008

A day of Starbucking!

I *HEART* Starbucking so much!
Sitting here alone,have the place all by myself,the superb yummy coffee & the environment.
Last but not least,the fastest wi-fi connection!

And again,the introduction of the new flavor of coffee!
I've tried all the new flavor of coffees here though..haha...

I'm a caffeine maniac!!!!!

The caffeine maniac with her Cappuccino Jelly!
Here's the jelly at the bottom of the drink.Sweet+Bitter!

I've spent alot of $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ on my food this week.
I just can't believe it!

In just a week,see what have I taken!
A set of McD Fillet-O-Fish
A personal Hawaiian supreme pizza + Garlic bread
Coffee @ Starbucks
I had all these all by myself!

Now I'm thinking of my lunch and dinner!!!!!!
I eat alot when I'm STRESS!!!!

Btw,I've become a DRAMA MANIAC now!!!

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