Sunday, September 28, 2008

Home sweet home ,here I come!

I'm back to Malacca ONCE AGAIN!

Was damn tired as I took the last flight yesterday AND the most DAMN SHIT thing was that all the flights were delayed!What the heck?!
I hate this mann!

On the way back to Malacca,Sherlynn and I talked loads of craps.
Just feel great to meet her when I'm back.I miss her to bits!

And yeah,a BBQ night.It was supposed to be Steamboat and I was so desperate for it as I thought I've got to eat food that cook faster than BBQ!
In the end,got my face oily!!!!!
The worst thing was someone didn't even 'bakar' anything for me to eat!!!
But I still *heart* you to bits !

That's all for it.Slept at 5 in the morning and didn't really had a good 'morning' sleep.

p/s:to my dear jaz,pls try to fix thing up.

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