Monday, September 15, 2008

Just an aimlessly day~

A relaxing day for me after the Management test!

Can't wait to shop tomorrow...
no class on tomorrow because it's a public holiday in Sabah!

Movie,shopping,eating and lots and lots of stuff--->Just to release my stress!

Got a lovely chocolate treat from a friend.

Thanks anyway~

By the way,I was kinda forcing myself to finish it as I never like chocolate!
It's a chocolate which contains Rum and Raisins..I just wana taste the Rum...
Guess what?It doesn't have the taste of Rum at all..Just a lil' bit la...

He brought few types of chocolate and he kept asking me to try every one of them.
OMG!He's making me fat!!!!!!!!
I ate it right after I had my early dinner!
*It's the best not to miss out all the imported chocolates*

We did chit-chat loads of stuff together and he did give me some useful advice.

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