Friday, September 12, 2008

The update for Aunt's awesome wedding!

Chinese Traditional Wedding ceremony + Church Wedding

The manja boy's waiting for someone to help him to wear his shoes... The superb wasabi sushi for the guys "What's the colour of yr wife's panties?" It's time for me to earn money!I went back without a penny!!!

Here comes the bride The best-man's job You're now pronounced as husband and wife.... My job in the day! The flower was exactly right on my position!See what I''ve done!The photographer kept complaining about the one(me)who avoided to catch the flower.I've spoilt the photo! The couple The relatives


The couple:Steven Seow & JC Wee

The bridesmaid & best-man:Jo Ann & Simon

Venue:Holiday Inn Hotel My family! Here's the ballroom~ The 'ROMANTIC' scent decoration~ us -the family The sisters...not 2 brides,ok? Josh and Jo Jo and mum The bridesmaid needs to make sure that everything is fine with the bride...not an easy task! The flower girl and flower boy! Jo and kaiwen-the flower gal us the couzies~ Randomly~nice one Here comes the couple!With 2 lovely flower girl and flower boy! First dish~the dish that I really ate during the whole dinner Finally a nice shot! Daddy and his children My niece~ Still the same ol' Josh! The champagne time! Finally my aunt's got to drink something that contains alcohol..haha...She was complaining that she didn't even get to drink at all excited people! A sweet kiss The last gown of the night!The most elegant gown~ My lil' couzy and I The bridesmaid and the bestman @ the dinner Ho and I
"I wana eat alot alot cuz I'm the next one to get married after I've got to catch the flower at the church!"Haha....I created the dialogue!
*The prawn looks nice but I didn't eat cuz no one peeled for me* Seductive! Jo and Aunt Jennifer...Met her since I was young...12 years ago though i think Jo,Ed and Tasha Edward looks funny in this pic...half -way drunk....
*no one really knows is he real drunk or just pretending.He's good in acting*
Here's the HAVOC gang ! Tasha(my ex-colleague) and Jo...She can understand and speak Mandarin...Better don't play a fool! the naughty yet adorable ones~ The couzies always No alcohol allowed for you kids!Only water! The aunties*no offence* The bridegroom's happy the whole day! cute pic of my aunt's family! dad n mum my funny couz-in-law...his happy smile due to his new arrival baby! See edward's face...haha...his face turns red everytime he drinks! Jo,Aunt Pat and lil' couzie Kaiwen couzins~ sis n bro~love him to bits! The LUM family! The KOH family!

Right after the dinner,it's our party time!
But before that,we had some monkey businesses at the hotel lobby,the elevator and in the hotel room! Present to you the siakap fish and aruan fish!Thanks for the kiss!You're damn weird on that night! Jeff and Jo
This photo absolutely looks weird as this is the first time we had a closer pose together!We argue everytime we meet!He likes to bully me! a nice one! All the smiley ones...Just couldn't stop taking photos even in the elevator!
*we're kinda stucked in there as the floor access pass wasn't working at all!*
The greedy one~until my couz was a victim..haha The jo~s~ The so-called sexy one in the hotel room before we headed to the club! He's our all-time-favourite! us again! She's different during working hour and enjoying time! Linda's happy face after she's got to catch the flower at the church! moi and Edward...the one who entertains people with loads of interesting stuff all the time! Ho and anna She's my ex-senior manager's wife.The tattoo one!!!!haha....same same la..our similarity! Jeff kept asking me to be in this pic but I insisted because I'm the youngest among them!Just wana be the youngest!!!haha...*no offence* I don't know how many pics have we taken together on that night.I only knew that he kept asking to take a pic with me.Weirdo! here she is~ The bride and jo

p/s:In the day,the bride was busying looking for the bridesmaid ;At night,the bridesmaid was busying looking for the bride!

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