Monday, September 15, 2008

Wheat 'Gandum' Tagging Stuff!

1.6 person i tagged:

2) Yean Yeon
3) Jolene
5) Tag wheat back~attack!
6) No one

2.6 things im passionate about:

a) Alcohol
b) Art
c) Food
d) Music
e) My family
f) Travelling

3. 6 things i say too often:

a) Fuck!
b) Oh shit!
c) go and die la
d) stupid!
e) haha
f) Crazy!

4. 6 books i've recently read

b)Principle of management
c)Principle of marketing
d)Reader's digest

5. 6 song i listen to again and again

a)No Me Ames
b) Bei pan
c) Piece of me
d) Menunggumu
e) All my life
f) Ain't got you

6. 6 things i learn from my past

a) Forgive someone no matter what
b)Make myself happy with enjoying my life
c) Think twice before u act
d) Never judge a book by its cover
e) Never ever control by someone
f) Live life to the fullest happiness!

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