Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Jo's ugly side!

While I was browsing all my pics in my laptop,I've found out that I do have loads of ugly pics..haha

Some are the vulgar side of me!

The ugliest one!*not drunk*

In Sarawak...Jeff's art of work!!

The bridesmaid who didn't know to behave herself.
the childhood memory which made me looked sux!
The 'beggar' of the night!
The lesbians~
The nerd in high school..haha
The bitch with her ugly expression!
The party at the hotel which made me look like -no word to describe-
The exam disaster
The 'going to Sarawak' idiotic face
The sushi's fault!

The tired look after a long journey from Malacca to JB.
Another nerd!
the fun time before boarding to our flight!
My couz is good in candid!
The worst behavior at our best friend's dinner!
overprotected for the liquor!!!haha...*I was drunk*
The jog that made me crazy!
over-excited for pasta..hehe
the drunk scene!!!!haha....
It's collin's fault and also the camera man!
the funny+ugly!
The already drunk couldn't be blamed!
I have loads of ugly act everytime I go for a meal!

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