Thursday, October 09, 2008

Late update:2nd BBQ night with couzies

It was my 2nd BBQ night with my couzies and his friends.I was supposed to meet up with Sherlynn earlier and my plan with my Darling was canceled at the last min too.
Got a call from my couzie and asked me to 'RUSH' to their place ASAP(as soon as possible) just to get myself 'fit' into a place to 'burn' my food.

I've had my dinner and another BBQ dinner?!Oh GOsh!!!!!!
I just had a BBQ night on the day I arrived and it was midnight.
*there's someone couldn't make it and we were kinda pissed off!*

The reason my couzie asked me to join them because I know his friends and they know me too....haha....Cool ya?

The best home-ade pizza ever I've tried!
My new lil' friend!Introduce to you CARLSON LUM-the poodle!
The first time I bbq satays!not nice anyway!
The mummy of lil' Carlson!
the hotdog lover!

During the BBQ night,Carlson's 'MUM' had taken few shots of lil' Carlson and I.
Cuz it was with me most of the time..haha....first time met her 'son'.

I love this
Carlson's 'mum' loves too!!!
Jo and Carlson
My couzie!We're close cuz we are the skinny ones in our family!!!
they have nothing better to do!
My sporting aunt!
we love fooling around though!
the JO~s!!!!!
the youngest one among all of lil' Josh~the most welcome one too!
I stole this pic from my couz's blog...Was surprised to find out that the guys' did the clean up!!!!Haha.........

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