Monday, November 24, 2008

Supposed-to-be LADIES NIGHT a.k.a 1st drinking night

Ladies night at Pure!

Someone kept bugging me the whole night before I finished work!
He kepts msging me and even called me to let me listen to my favourite song from the liveband!!!!!!

The reason I'm late!

The consequence -I have to finish few buckets for being late!!!!!
He's early AND I wasn't late!
But the taste of beer is just so so so YUMMY!

He's so excited to ask me to drink but with straw!
I was asked to break his record which is 7 sec!!!!!!!!!!!WTF?!?!?!?!?!?!?
Inthe end,I've spent my old sweet time finishing it in 12 sec!
His turn!haha....we must be fair and square!

another round,please!

The crazy us!
meet my new friend-Lilian and my old fren-Cathy!
The girls!
Another session!
It's just SUX to be late!!!!!

The straw is nt working!!!!!!!!!!!WTH?!?!?!?

The 2nd punishment for being late!!!!!!!!!!!I've used 39 secs to finish sux am I?!?!?!

Bucket and bucket of beers keep 'serving' to us!!!!!!
I have no choice but to finish it and it's once again because I"M LATE!!!!

The Koreans~they are just as crazy as us!act cool pic of him!
When the people get crazy with the Koreans!
the baby swimming instructor...she showed me loads of cute baby pics in the pool
The bar~the drinks~
He's acting cute the whole night..haha

We love beer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lilian and Cathy

Darl,borrow me for a while ya..haha...
moi and KK
Surprise!The future lawyer a.k.a the Bollywood star came back all the way from KL just to club at Pure.OMG!
the drunkards~
I've forgotten who took this pic while I was high..haha

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