Friday, January 30, 2009

The random Saturday night~

After getting pissed off with the new club,we ended up clubbing @ our all time favorite Pure Bar!

We've gone all the way up to Muar just to pick someone up to club with us.....
And all the way back to send her to Muar after party!

I love cam-whore
The journey~

Suki,Sherlynn and moi~Sherlynn looks so different with her new hairstyle!
The princess~we picked her all the way from Muar

I miss tequila shot so much as my tequila shot partner wasn't in the club!!!!
So I insisted to drink with Sherlynn!!Haha.......
It's something new for her!

It's her first time drinking it...
The one who suffering with it while the one who enjoying it...haha
She still has the complete whole shot even though I've finished mine!
Dun worry,it's my treat!!!!
She wanted me to finish it but ended up she still successfully 'get rid' of it!!!

Sherlynn,you're gonna be my new tequila shot partner!

After our 1st round,we headed to another 2 clubs!

The 2nd round was a shit as I just dropped by to meet up with some friends over there but it really like I've gone to the worst place ever!

p/s:It's a place for the guys to see the girls who dressed out of the track and I was dragged to drink with a friend out of the blue!!!!

The last round was better than the 2nd round but it's way not out cup of tea.We've gone there on Suki's request.
The liquor tasted weird!

We started our journey back to Muar @ 4 in the morning after supper!

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