Monday, May 11, 2009

The Date???Hahaha.....

Spent my first Saturday out with Jaiio...
You're lucky tho...haha!!!!
Hang out together then headed to Pure.

Bumped into an old friend and helped her to 'get rid' of her bf's ex.
I'm a devil!*I know*
Cuz she asked me too and I didn't mind about it. :)

Was surprised to meet Darl there.
She intro me to a new friend named Shakira.
I don't know if the name is correctly spelled but I prefer this..haha..
Here's the thing...Shakira is a GUY!
He doesn't have hot body as Shakira but he's a big size guy.
He can dance!

Someone enjoyed mc-ing so much.
I'm gonna compliment him cuz he likes to ss..haha...
We ended up having our own fun in the club.
I didn't intend to interrupt him to have his 5 mins hall of fame!!!

While I was with my old friend-Ivian,her bf and his cousin were damn GAY!!!!
Of cuz we the girls were not the losers too!!!!!!

Took some pics of them!!!!
not us!!!!

The crazy ones~

It was nice to hang out on Saturday but I get tired easily nowadays~

Thanks for the night,Jaiio!!!!

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