Monday, May 11, 2009

Wesak eve

The yearly routine we do........
This year we were way too late because I was so into the story of Yakuza Moon and kept delaying the time.....

At first,mum suggested to have McD for dinner and I am so sick of McD.I had too much in Sabah!
So it's better go for pizza.My all time favourite!

Lil' josh enjoying his meal and didn't even spill a word out from his mouth..haha
as usual,my sis who likes to take blur pic

We wasted our time looking for a parking space and sis kept blaming on me for being late.
Went for prayer as usual.
Bump into Shamus jr.Teo a.k.a Mr Ego.Had to stay there for a while to listen to his unhappy stuff.......
I was surprised that he said there's someone slutter than me!!!OMG!!!!
And there's some stuff you told me are those I expected.
You're the one don't know to appreciate and now regret about it.
Good JOB!!!!!!

Sis likes to take pics in the temple nowadays...hmm......weird!

Left the procession early as I've got another appointment!
Miss the girls so much!
And I kinda pissed off cuz someone's husband called to my number to spot-check his wife!
He didn't believe my words and thought that I was covering up for a friend!WTH?!?!?!
Please let me have a peaceful holiday!!!!!!!!!!
I haven't even met them and someone's spoilt my mood!!!!

Next,we went to meet up with Sherlynn's friend and her friend's friends..haha
Supposed to join them for supper but we ended up at Pure!!
Chilled with H2O.It was me only!:)

Then went for supper and got a kinda 'disturbance' call.

The night was great with the girls!!!!!!!

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