Thursday, June 04, 2009

Freshmute @ Annexe Gallery

The day which everyone has been waiting for.
The exact day of the exhibition.

BTW,the members of Freshmute called this exhibiton as
Kenji's so-called exhibition becuase of his pro skill.
Also cuz of the pics that he's taken..haha

Everyone's getting extra oxygen in the morning.....
The intro
The guy who didn't sleep for 36 hours
The giant canvas bag
I love this shot.....
it's time to attract the visitors.....

My favorite shot by myself!

A cake for the opening..sponsored by someone

the pro photographers:Kenji & edison
Freshmute members:
(top):Edison,Kenji,Adrian,Shine She
(bottom):Ah Fern,Connie,Toffy,Tina,Xim

The ladies...................

The Design of the International Award winner of BECOME:Mr.Shine She
A closer look

The one and only cam-whore
A 'gift' for Freshmute
Shine She took this i think...haha
nice ya........

While I was away to the washroom and left my cam with Adrian....
This is what happened!
His Cam-whore!!!!

Ya..You should hate your attitude*LOL*
(I have more of his cam-whore pics but just preferred to post few of them)
My ugly side by xim..haha
another one who loves to play with my phone...
haha...I asked Xim to do it on him*BLUEK*

The design by Shine She which caught my heart and of course I did get it.
Mr.Shine and Jo.
Then Johorians ROX!!!
*fyi:I'm half Johorian*

Last but not least,the groupie pic with the gang before I left!!!!
Thank you guys!!!!

Adrian kept complaining that I'm way too talkative
even though I just knew them.
I know he had to suffer for the rest of the week haha....
cuz no one would talk to him so much!!!!


The first day of the exhibition was a bad luck day for us.
Xim lost her car park ticket .
The Old Town staffs helped to search for it when she headed back there to look for it.
The result:No to avail.

We headed to Pavillion to checked out if the movie that we wanted to watch was still available after dinner.
Guess what?I was told by Edison that it's shown in April.
HALO!!It's been a month!
So,we decided to go to Times Square.
Just after few seconds we paid for the parking ticket @ Pavillion,
Toffy told us that SHE'S LOST THE TICKET!!!!
Not even a minute yet!!!!
My Gosh!!!

When we went back to the place where we parked our car to look for it,
a security guard approached us.
He then 'informed' us that we had to pay 50 bucks since we lost it.
*We were informed by ourselves once we reached*
But,we did ask him nicely if he saw it....
Shockingly,he asked for something in return if we want the ticket back!!
I was so damn pissed off!!
It's in PAVILLION and they have such a fucking worker there?!?!?!?
A very very bad impression for me!!!!

He handed over the ticket to Edison
and we just ciaoz~~~~~~~

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