Monday, June 01, 2009

It's been freaking long.......

We had our 1st ladies night after 2 weeks growing mushrooms at home!

At first,we checked out the ladies night at Arena as the songs were Retro.
I do like Retro!
The cocktails were SUX...better swallowed ice!!!

Babe then suggested to leave early and headed to Pure.
We were at Arena for only half an hour!
Arena is not our cup of tea..........

The cocktail is a good accessory for cam-whore but not for consumption!!!haha.....
just some idiot random .......was too bored.....

We had lots of fun party at Pure!!!
Tequila sunrise non-stop!!!!
Gosh!I'm addicted to Tequila!!!!!

BTW,my babe and I love Ladies nights as we have our own entertainment!!!

Oh ya!
I speaked Spanish for the 1st time in the club.
I though I was drunk BUT I wasn't!!!!!!!!

More ladies nights for us!

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