Friday, July 17, 2009

Visiting Malacca for the n times

Lil' Josh & sis skipped school on the last week that I would be spending in Malacca before flying back.
We visited The Historical City of Malacca especially the museums.

Josh wanted to 'gain more knowledge' by visiting the museums.
His aim was to go to as many museums as we could on that day..haha

Lunch time
The sis n bro
He's a potential candidate to pose for any pic..:)
Lil' Josh with his favorite sunglasses and fedora
The lost kid.............
The plump vs the skinny

"Come,let jiejie shows you the direction to the museum."....

While walking to the museum,we spotted this new bus stop....

When we've reached our destination,ok,I've forgotten whats the name of the museum,after paying the entry fee,we were given PLASTIC BAGS.*wondering*

"Plastic ni untuk letak kasut anda semasa masuk ke muzium."said a staff.

I was so surprise though as it's undeniable that the Chief Minister keeps developing Malacca with lots of projects but he's NEGLECTED the global warming.
Why are the visitors given the plastic bags to 'keep the museum clean'?

This so-called RULE has really ruined the name of 'MALACCA'.
He's way too excited...

See this.....
After putting your shoes,the shoes racks are prepared for the visitors!!!OMG!!!!

Btw,it's way to fugly and inconvenience to hold the plastic bag while you're trying to enjoy the 'trip' in the museum.

After that,we continued our 'journey' to A'Famosa..........
While resting,we were way too tired....
it's cam-whore time!!!!

The Sultanate Palace museum

We met up with mum for lunch.
We always have a 'debate competition' about what to eat..haha...
In the end,we had Pizza!!!
Sis asked us to act cute..haha

Till then....

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