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Holiday in Kuching,Sarawak Part 4

This is a superb belated post for my Sarawak trip. FML.

We had our brunch at Next Coffee Shop ( Xiang Ji ).It's famous with its mixed pork with organs soup.(btw, I don't know how should I name it)

The uncle who was busying.

We saw lots of people were queuing up infront of the shop and IT WAS SO STUFFY!

Instead of wasting my time waiting for our seats, I started to explore around the places.
The Old Kuching Street reminded me of Jonker Street in Melaka.
Except the name is different.

While I was passing by the shop next to the coffee shop,I spotted an antique Milo football liked container.
Guess what I did?
I walked into the shop and ask the boss :" Halo,boss! This lil' football looks cute,can I take a pic with it?"
The boss is so friendly and allowed me to do so.
After taking pic with it, he then started to show me some of the antiques in his antique shop which has been operating for more than 30 years! I think it's 50 years though......

Trying to show off my new attire and Charles & Keith gladiator!!!

Sarawakians are really FRIENDLY!
No cheat!
Trust me!

See they are still queuing up for FOOD!
There's a common between the Sarawakians and the Malaccans-They can wait for food no matter how long it is!

The pork and the organs!
I never like eating the organs of a pig as it tastes disgusting to me.

It comes with a bowl of white rice.
There are choices to choose , either rice or mee.

After our brunch, we then started to 'explore' the Carpenter Street with the guide of Hilda.
It's one of the street in the Old Kuching Street.
There are Carpenter street, Atap street and so forth.(I can't remember it).

The Atap Street
An old man in his shop which fulls of antiques.

I did mention to Hilda to bring us to a cafe which it gave me a deep impression of its interior design with the super spicy noodles.

The Life Cafe in the Old Kuching Street.

I love the interior design so damn much.

Hilda ordered the super spicy noodles for us as I did tell her I tried a mild spicy one before and added with EXTRA chillis but it doesn't taste spicy at all..haha.....
It's really yummy!!!!

The fried dumpling

The fried egg omelette

There's a really awesome Chinese temple just beside of the cafe.

The superb awesome GOLD design of the temple.
It was done in only 1 and a half year!!!!
Just imagine it!!!

It's time for history study
Visit the museums!!!!

Our first destination was the aquarium but it was so damn bored. Fishes in dirty aquariums and there are snakes there!!!!!!

The art gallery was awesome with the creative art of work. We were not allowed to take pics in it so have to be selfish and keep it for myself..haha

Next, the Ethnology Museum.

Was amazed with the murals.!!!!

Malacca and Sarawak have quite a few similarities.haha....

"You have bomb in Malacca so do we in Sarawak." that's what Hilda said...haha

The biggest butterfly on earth..haha...SPOTTED!

The visitors are offered to rent the traditional costumes of the Iban for RM 10 per person at the museum.
I didn't get to do it as we were in a rush.
So decided to 'tumpang' the kids..I'm such a cheapskate! FML!

Love this building

We then proceed to Civic Centre where we could see the whole Kuching City!!!
We had to take an evaluator up to the top. I've forgotten which floor is it.
There's a Link Restaurant , karaoke, tennis court, gym and look out point.
FYI,the tennis court and gym are not in the tower but they are linked together with it.

Different stand at the look out point can see different part of the Kuching.
Even the Menara Taming Sari in Malacca couldn't compare with it!!!!

We visited the Link Restaurant for fun.
It serves Eastern Cuisine but it has a Western style interior design.

Spotted this colourful painting infront of the restaurant entrance.
It matches my attire of the day!
Go colourful!!!

This is where the gym and the tennis court situated.

White lady sounds so vintage.
It's a common dessert in Sarawak which you can find it anywhere there.

Tada....It's ice kacang..haha...condense milk mixed with lemon.
It's really yummy for the milk lover!!!!

The belacan mihun.
No likey as I don't like to eat squid and belacan.

Grande dinner for the night!

Dinner @ Sanga Japanese Restaurant.

It's the 'Rightest' decision that we've ever made.
We got special offer for the dinner as Hilda's dad is a regular. Only for us!


Kimchi ,chuka likado, hiyashi wakame(seaweed) & Hotate ( scallops)

Love the leaf liked wasabi.
the set: tamago sushi, maguro sushi, tobiko sushi, salmon sushi, salmon, yellow tail, tuna & california maki

group pic

salmon fried rice

the best tofu ever I've tried in my life!
Agedashi tofu
It's just melted in my mouth and tastes so soft.

chicken teriyaki

Unagi kabayaki
Tako bushi
Gyoza-fried dumpling

Ebi tempura. A must have for me !
Last but not least, the tiramisu ince-cream cake. YUM!!!!!

There were 10 dishes served to us and we couldn't even finish the portion of the food which is only for 3 persons.
There were 5 of us!!!!

All of us sweared not to have sushi for at least a year as we were to full to the max.
Even we felt no appetite when we pass by Pizza Hut which was promoting the new flavor!!

We took a stroll around the city and grabbed the chances to take pics with the CATSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's a MUST DO when you visit Kuching.

Me wih the Cats statue.

The biggest 'M' I've ever seen.
While walking back to the hotel......................

A great day and a great night with sushi!!!!

To be continue.........................

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