Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Masquerade @ @tmosphere


Attended the Banking & Finance dinner at @tmosphere.

@tmosphere is a revolving bar and restaurant situated in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.
It's less than 500 m away from my campus and on the 18th floor of the tallest building in Sabah.
Its specialty is the revolving interior design which it revolves smoothly on some certain time.It gives you an eye-catching view in the day and night.

The serving for the dinner is ala buffet style.
They have roasted lamb, nasi keluli, fish&chips in bolognese style, thai salad,tomato salad, vege salad, baked potatoes and variaty of cakes .

You can ask for any serving you want for a private party.
It's also a fine-dining restaurant or a place to relax your mind at the bar!

My food.
Th gift and the ticket for bafin night.
This lamp has the logos of my uni and the banking and finance
The group without Benny
Aaron and my Cassy
Mey,Hilday,Moi & Eugene
The interior with a batik painting.

Btw, there are few batik paintings which make the whole interior design looks colourful.

They are awesome!
Hilda and Jo

Moi with the mask and the batik painting

Moi & ainul

Moi, Ee enn, Evelyn & hilda

The lil' stage with dim lighting

My hair deco.The black rose which costs me RM 1.50 only from an Indian shop in KK.

The mess.

After everyone had done eating, the photo session started. AS USUAL.

By the view.

Actually I sat there for few times just to feel its turning was fun!
I could feel myself turning too..haha

Being vain with the red curtain.

2 guys on the sofa!!!!

They look cute in this shot!

The colourful batik painting with Mount Kota Kinabalu

Reflection & the night view of KK

Did I just mention that you can drink by the bar?
Yeah,this is the bar!!!!

The colourful bar and the bartenders rock!!!!

The lighting at the bar

Group pic!!!

Some of us were kinda tired after a hectic month for the Ang Pow Festival.
Kinda love the environment but it's totally not a good suggestion for a course dinner to be held in @tmosphere as it doesn't really allow much interaction among everyone.

Last but not least,my dress is all the way from UK by Nic so as the clutch.

Atmosphere Revolving Restaurant & Bar


18th floor, Menara Tun Mustapha (formerly Yayasan Sabah)
Likas Bay, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo.


+6088 425 100 (restaurant)
+6088 429 300 (sales office)

+6088 429 400


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