Friday, April 02, 2010

My broken heart

Good Friday is supposed to be a happy day for me as I've got to rest,at least in the noon.
However, my heart was broken into pieces when I found out from JoeTribe's blog that my one and only tattoo artist has quit tattooing,TOTALLY!

Tattoo has become part of my life.
My tattoo artist has quit is just the same as the end of my life!!!!!!!
Just to be frank, I always promote about him as I love his art of work.It's just like the amazing feelings when I got my 1st tattoo!

FML to the max this time,I don't let any other tattoo artists to do it for me as I've been getting my body inked for 4 years continuously.
What if the others don't get what I want?

After 11 years of tattooing, he decided to quit. :(
The reason I love to let him do my tattoos as I'm more into Chinese traditional tattoos design and he's really good in it. (He did tattoos in Beijing before).

photo source: JoeTribe

He was in Malacca for 3 years but the rest of the years were at some where else.

Guess what?
I called my tattoo artist and he replied my call!!!!!!
At least me-the healthy girl and low-cut mini skirt lover(as described by him) still gets privilege for herself even though her tattoo artist has quit tattooing!!!!

I think I hav to break my New Year's resolution. FML!

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