Friday, April 09, 2010

UMS Student's Death Sentence Commuted to Life Term

This is the most shocking news I've ever heard in my uni(Universiti Malaysia Sabah-UMS).
I was acknowledge about this news by my lecturer during our lecture this sem.

A former Biological Science student from UMS,Umi Azlim was duped into the internet advertisement offering a job with high salary.
She got a chance to travel overseas for her job to deliver goods.
Unfortunately, she was caught with 2.98kg of heroine at the Shantou Airport,China.
She was 24-year-old then and did not know that the good that she needed to deliver was heroine.
The court held death sentence to her in 2007 when she was caught.

The lecturers from my uni,UMS did write to the authorities to appeal for her death sentence as every knows that she's innocence.

A year later, her death sentence commuted to life term.

My heart was filling with mixed feelings when I heard about this news as she was so young and just graduated but has to spend the rest of her life with life imprisonment as she hasn't got to enjoy her life and have a career.
Her first career has dragged her into a no-ending road.
Her mother passed away due to throat cancer in May,2008.
She has 3 younger siblings.
Just imagine that she's the eldest could not fulfill the responsibility for her family after graduated.
I could feel it as I'm the eldest among my siblings and the responsibility that could not be done.
I was even trying to put myself in her shoes when she was sentenced to death sentence in the beginning.

Please pray for her spending her life in China.
May God gives her the strength.

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