Friday, September 03, 2010

Searching for me..................

And so, 2 months have gone since I was back.

I realised that I wasn't in the right condition.
Maybe my holiday mode is ON 24/7 after those over-enjoyed sem breaks for 2 months.

I realised that I've started to let pressure and stress overtook me in Uni life.
Things just didn't go my ways.
There're people around me who are trying to pull me down.
I was struggling.
I wanted to cry out loud.
I just wana have someone by my side.

There were times that I wanted to call the one I trust so much.
Fear just stopped me from doing it.
I couldn't figure out the reasons.
I really don't know what has gone wrong with me.

Obstacles just hit me one by one.
I always tell myself that I'm strong enough to face it but I think that I've become a coward.

In these days,I've made a mistake in my stubbornness and being too stern.
Not everyone could stand of it.
Not even a guy.*not relationship problem,of course*
What's gone wrong with the guys nowadays?
Gender exchange?!

A friend posed questions about relationship to me one day.
I was so confident to answer all his questions.
One thing: 2 of my friends and I gave him the same answers.
Moreover,the 3 ladies-us are too focusing in joining more activities.
To learn,to experience-our motives.
But have we gone too far and neglected of being love and to love?

Sometimes I think.

I tried to escape as much as I could but I know that's not the way out.

I just wana go home and be with my family.

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