Saturday, September 30, 2006

mooncake festival!!!!!!!

*everyone was waiting for this mooncake festival since few weeks ago.....and finally it's the day!!!!so excited!!!!!

*we had a small party at fei yee's that she can do all the clean up by herself!!!haha..just joking!!!!!

*i brought my lil' bro along so that he can learn to socialise with the elders..However,he was the attention of the guys n girls.....

*everyone was told to bring something to there so that fei yee didn't need to prepare all the food....

*i get to meet few new friends..mostly!!!!

*at the end of the party,there was alot of to solve this 'BIG' problem,we played some stupid games where the loser had to finish the's funny!!!!

*anyway,it's a nice party n all of us had alot of fun!!!!!!!!!!!!

home-made shanghai's a small size mooncake..u cant find it at outside....nice!!!!
joshua n girl girl....
beginning of the party......
cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Y is there a lil' boy drinking alcohol?????
josh took this pic...'ARTISTIC' enough!!!
lil' bro is entertaining himself with this dog...
eric n me....father n mother..haha...newly wed couple....
ready,get set,go!!!!
shake yr bum bum shake yr bum bum to open the champagne..i was the victim!!!!!!!!the champagne splash on me!!!
this is the result when we can't find nice glasses for champagne..2 in 1..
joshua's new 'girlfriend'
joshua n his 'new friend'
me n si qi
joshua n eric....son n father ...haha
fire fire in the candle..when can i be rich????
nice pose!!!!!!!!!!!!
catherine,su hui,su ling n me..............we've nothing to do...
the girls......who's the prettiest????
playing with lantern.....couldn't be bothered
lil' bro entertaining the elders...haha....
last pic before i n fei yee,the host

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