Sunday, September 17, 2006

Went for a late dinner at around 10p.m with my friend.....but i'm not sure if it's just for 1 week..anyway ..we went to Amigo for dinner.during halfway of our dinner,his gf called him n asked him who was he with.But guess what??He lied to his gf n said that he was alone.He's not that kind of guy who wil lie to his gf but i dun understand y would he did that. However,His gf appeared infront of us all of a sudden when we were having dinner.I was shocked!I quickly walked to the end to continue talk on the phone.That was such a 'NICE' suprise!!!!!Both of us didn't expect her to come at all.Doesn't shebelieve her bf at all??!?!?!?!?!I don't really know.
Later then,we went to Wing's cafe to hang out.I bumped up with someone whom i nvr expected.My ex-admirer..a rich guy..hehe...he looks much much different now.But i didnt talk to him,he just staring at me when he passed by my seat.That's all...nvrmind..cuz we used to argue all the time..our bad habit...anyway,my friend and i spent almost 2 hrs there cuz i had school the next day n it's almost 1a.m.How am i gonna wake up the next day if i don't go back early??ermm....actually i was drunk that day so i gt to have a nice sleep once i got home...but have a very bad headache the next day when wake up for school...however,i managed to wake myself up but was damn sleepy in the class.Don't know what the hell was the teacher teaching!!!!
I didn't get to sleep once my school finished.I spent the whole day at my friend's house n went out again at night.....So that's how i spent my day ......

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