Saturday, December 16, 2006

*Finally,this is the day that we've been waiting for...cuz...get to meet our good-looking seniors(i mean the guys).Sorry to say that cuz i'm still single..haha

*Actually i've been preparing for this 'BIG' event since last month..kinda NUT!!!What to do?every girl wana make themselves look pretty when comes to such an event..and of course i don't wana lose out..blek~

*i've planned to have a nice sleep the night before and quit clubbing for a month..however,i've failed my mission because i'm not a girl who can quit my bad habit so easily*sad*(even my friends didn't believe that i could do that)

*Consequently,my complexion looked BAD on that night n i regret about it.Luckily,i have my professional make-up artist,wai ling to make me look pretty.THNX DARLING!!!And also THNX to Damien'retarded' for suggesting such a nice thing to put on BLACK make-up for me.I 'appreciated' you so much~haha~~~

*We're late for almost 1 and a half hour to the's not good though but we had no choice to make ourselves punctual for it.Thnx God that we're not the last ones..if not...everyone would look at us..

*Everything went well until the 'Angel & Devil' time.Eric was the host for that programme so i thought it would be fun cuz he's funny.However,i've misjudged him.He called up my name once the event started(not straight forwardly).He turned a big round to describe about me..i was pleased that he said i was the most beautiful girl in the dinner.That's my bad luck after he said that cuz i was 'invited' to the stage to 'play' a game with SHY~~~~

*First,i was asked to dance..that's ok~but,Eric suggested me to do pole dance.Excuse me~there's no pole at all so Eric was my pole..haha~~Can't imagine it at all!He's so damn scared to do it with me cuz his girlfriend was there..I didn't pity him at all and did it to him.(Eric,our deal was at Pure Bar but i didn't see you so watch out!)Secondly,i had to dance with someone that i 'dragged' along.Sorry Jaz,u've to do it with me..Guess what?We asked for a slow dance music but we got a Teressa Theng's song.We just did the slow dance though with that kind of old song..We've no choice!

*However,angel is not always there for you when you're in trouble because the angel didn't save us at all!!!!!!!!ANGEL=DEVIL

*It's party time!!!!We went to Pure bar to have our fun as 'dessert'.

*We dressed nice but i kinda not used to it cuz it's difficult for me to dance.Never mind!Just did the LESBIANS' dance..Ke ting and I...we took advantage on each other..GELINYA~~~~

*The conclusion,WE DID HAVE FUN!!!!!!
on the way....
the girls~~
Eric's job..congrat that u're a pro photographer
no comment:(
the vampire and the lady..the most perfect pic(i mean when in a pic with him cuz no more silly face from him)
innocent& wild
i hate myself in this pic..jaz u look great!
my hairstyler
We're yours,ke ting!!
love this~
i can't mention all the names..sorry gals~

the lesbians
cam-whoring~my habit
my habit..u know
he's the one
my victim
that's the dance with a song from teresse theng
took this from the bad angel
latin dancer,cute guy,good-looking guy(mum likes him),and the one..haha
no comment
again the lesbians
specimen after i dropped my cam:(
her first 'trip' to Pure..1st time club with her
in the club
use his mouth not his!!!Thnx for helping me finish my drinks..muack~~~
the couple

it's not the whole part

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