Tuesday, December 05, 2006

*have been going out non-stop these few days and mum kept on asking why am i not bored of clubbing and hanging out with my friends because she never see me complaining of tired everytime i'm outT_T

*was sleeping like a log this afternoon n Shaun suddenly called me to meet him n christine at mp..i'm a good sis so for sure i woludn't 'decline' it

*hmm.....finally i found out alot of 'dark' secrets abt him from his cousin when he's drunk(i've seen him drunk once n know what he did but not as worse as the one he just did)

*went for dinner at McD n they talked alot of disgusting topics....Yerk~~~

*sadly,i left my happy meal toy there...SOB..T_T

*after that,i continued the 2nd round with my school mates at a cafe.It's been a long time that i didn't hang out at a cafe...i think it's almost half a year cuz nowadays i always spend my days clubbing

our future hairstyler...she doesn't look like one with this face....T_T
the gamblers....gamble whenever we go.......we'll be penniless one day because of gambling...
the left n the center ones are still single but not the right one...
haha...this guy is cute
aaron, jaz n jo.....
jaz n jo
took this pic aimlessly:P
1st attempt...an inexperience lil' boy took this pic while we're not prepared...
the gang at Witchery Ider Cafe
jo n ke ying..during gambling(",)
we took this pic because we couldn't stand of the gals next to our table who kept on flashing their cam n even used the 50 bucks note to take a pic
last pic before we left

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