Saturday, January 13, 2007

The malaysian superstar!!Please vote for her!!!

*Finally,the 2nd season of m'sian superstar is coming soon...haiz~~But not a happy news for me too cuz i have to start wasting money sms to vote for this gal!

*One of my best friends since we're in primary school had taken part in the audition n she's the TOP 24 Finalist!!!!!!!Congrat cherine!!!!I'll always support you.

*I think i've known her for more than 9 years n she's really a good singer.She's the best voice(it's the fact).She used to represent my 2nd hometown,JB to participate in a singing competitions..but of cuz not came back with empty hands..

*Everytime she goes for singing competition for sure will bring some good news for us.We're so proud of her !!!!!!Keep on trying!!!!

*I'll go for yr roadshow on the 28th of this month..I'll the support you!!!!!!I'm so glad that u're in this competition.Finally u can be popular through this!!!!!

*Hey guys out there,remember to watch this programme and vote for her!!!!She's the talent,the best voice,the image and everything!!!She's the most perfect gal to win this!!!!!
the top 24 finalist for the 2nd season..far left from the 1st row is the gal who will win this!!!
she's the one!!!

Gambateh Cherine!!!!

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