Sunday, January 28, 2007

As usual,the girls will spend their friday hanging out together.....eventhough we've school the next day.Don't care about it...but this time we've spent most of our money on food.Especially San Poh and I..we were like the big eaters(the truth is i'd supper but she didn't,so i think i'm the real big eater..hehe)...the story goes on with the pics...cuz i'm lazy to say anything anymore
can u spot the odd???haha..
now only i noticed that my hair was damn messy
big cam~whorer..............
my dinner...nice...1st time have my dinner with porridge
big eaters..sanpoh i think u're everything..haha
silly me at the car park
the lady boss was quite annoy cuz of our good job for just trying the dress

my supper..after that i've to do EXTRA exercise

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