Saturday, March 03, 2007

Right now,I'm spending my 'PRECIOUS' time at a cyber cafe.Sorry for not updating my blog for a month cuz of some private and confidential problem and some 'technical'problem..ya's my 1st time writing a post at a weird!!!The truth is i'm addicted to online games and i've spent these few days at the same cafe with a big bunch of friends.But.....our main reason is to play online games!I've to admit that i never like games at all especially facing this lack n stupid monitor(just only today but not last night).I think I've changed.I have no ideas what the hell is wrong with me but what i know that i need changes in my life cuz I'm bored of it!!!!!!!!I'm bored to death!!!!I wana change my lifestyle to a better one!!!!!Maybe what'd Terence told me was true though..that i need love <3>'my so-called LESBIAN dance' everytime we guys..just wait n see.........u'll see my true colour of dancing one day!!!

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