Thursday, August 09, 2007

S.O.S!!!! i'm innocent!!!!!

During my maths class ,Sherlynn asked me something which shocked me out of the blue when I was talking to Qi,

Sherlynn:'Are you with Aaron now?(date him)'

Jo:'Huh?!Who told you that?'

Sherlynn:'I know about it la'

Jo:'No la,He likes Jaz la...not me'

Sherlynn:'Aiyo,You guys alwways chat online.I know la,Don't deny anymore'

Jo:'No la...I'm not with him la'

Ok,no matter how many times I 'CLARIFY ' and explain to her,She didn't believe at all...
Is it just because he always ask about Jaz and I told Jaz about it,so I'm with him???
OMG!!!!!!!!!!Somebody PLEASE help me!!!!!!

I'm innocent!!!!!!!!!!!

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