Monday, August 06, 2007

unforgettable memory in my life!

Our 1st plan was shopping..haha...But i didn't spend much there la...We just walked around n did nothing much......

Dinner at a very nice place with her parents.It was fun to watch her parents fooling around....they are like young couple.....Cool!

Later at night,we started to talk about stuff back in 7 years when we were in primary was so much fun....miss those days......

I was shocked to hear something from her about a friend and I'm kinda pity him.
Here it goes~

This A and B are couple while C and D are couple too.A and C are best friend,C is my friend's ex boyfriend.C got married with B on 1st march cuz of one night stand 'disaster' as they never got into a relationship at all.....but the night before his marriage,my friend saw C was still with D dating!!!!!Omg!!!!It's so confusing......I pity A la...he's my friend since primary......

This is not the only case..there's another one to but I don't feel like talking about it...Guys are really jerks la!!!!!!

waiting for harn's to get ready
trying on this cap...couldnt make my decision between this and the other one
pale look
another ugly side...haha...looks tired

nice one
love us love me..haha
tea time @ city square
trying on our new caps....mad gals


* we've planned a gathering with primary schoolmates today.....But today is gonna be very packed cuz many things to do

!st of all,we went to Foon Yew High Skool for a talk before going to taiwan.
I was busying taking pictures in the auditorium....haha....too bored la...But I spotted a very good looking guy....he's damn cool man.....everyone was impressed when he was talking and the girls kept on asking him to talk and not to stop...haha...funny sial.......

after that,We went for the gathering at pizza hut.No one wanted to place the order so I did all the decision with Karyan...fuck them la...just eat what I order...haha...the waitress then asked something,

Waitress:'cukup kah??????'

Jo:'ya...sudah banyak sebab 2 set besar.Kenapa?Tak cukup ke?'

Waitress:'orang banyak ni memang tak cukup'

Jo:'erm....kalau tak cukup nanti order lagi la.Thnx'

OMG!!!!we've ordered so much but she said not enough...we're not big eaters la...haha........

Later then,harn dragged me to a place all of a sudden to look for someone.I was shocked when she mentioned the guy's name cuz i was wondering it's impossible that he's here....
Guess what???He's really there....I almost 'fainted' when met him because he's changed alot and I think I've fallen for him....ahaha...he's my ex schoolmate...He was a player ....
I've spent quite alot of time with him alone as the rest went to meet Nixon's girlfriend...haha
When I called harn and asked about her whereabout,this is what she said,

Jo:'where are you now?Are you coming over now?'

Harn:'Have you finished talking to your lover?'

Jo:' are you coming now?'

Harn:' you've finished 'electric~ing' with him la?(means flirt on him)'


*when she's there*

Jo:'he really reminds me of my ex la'

Harn:'which one?'

Jo:'the one who's become my best friend la.Their looks almost the same'

here some pics to 'show off' hhaa

the bling bling..gonna wear this
my new it
lunch at her skool
it costs me rm2.50...haha
the invitation card to the school's anniversary day
things to bring to taiwan
can u find my name???????

nice shoes but my legs are full of blisters

us in the auditorium
the onessss leaving to taiwan
in the auditorium
the camera just loves her
you want biz,I'll give you but let me finish my food 1st
updating him about the latest stuff......seems like he didn't even give a damn to her
i like to focus on her ugly side and she always makes noise of it...haha(her soup is full of cheese)
say cheese...but don't finish the food 1st
sory..still eating..luckily i've finished la la
at last,the better one
wrong aim la...not him..haha

upside down.....they were busy talking while i was busying cam-whoring
she's always busy updating everyone about the latest gossip
from left:the cc one,the talkative gal,quiet one,the pretty one,the no change at all one,the tallest guy,cute one,very straight forward one in sex topic,the future nurse and the loyal one in love...haha
wei always like to spoil the picture of us
he wanted to take pic with us...he's still the cc
josh's 1st impression was this guy looks like the winner-henley in superstar...but he isn't...he's my long lost ya????don't jealous ya
the perfect one!she kept on complaining that my cap's blocked her view
i wanted this picture in full length to prove that a-tok-fish has grown taller as me..haha
the flowers.....i was busy 'layan~ing ' the handsome one..haha
muka cute pulak
see him(in green)....damn si si
the 3s forever( the last pic befre we said GOODBYE)


*After the 1st round,We had to continue the 2nd round at Austin hills resort.It was a rush for us!!!!!!!Damn tiring!!!!!Everyone's waiting for us at the check point....PAISEH ya..haha

*we then gathered and went to the resort's a very nice place though....everything's organised by them so there's nothing to worry about.
But the biggest thing for me to worry was-I'll be staying overnight with a big bunch of strangers.....OMG!!!!!!!!
never mind la....more new friends harm at all!!!!!

We had loads of fun there once we went into the room ...I was shocked to see something weird from the guys.....
They were like porn stars trying different poses of positions from the movie......I was like 'WHAT THE HELL ARE THESE GUYS DOING????????'

Later then,they started to vote something which involved me.I was like a nerd and didn't know what was going on...only after that I heard someone asked the guys who agreed to whack me!!!!
What the FUCK!!!!!I'm a girl ok????haha....and something beyond my expectation.......EVERYONE'S AGREED!!!!!!This time I die la...haha.....
but they were damn funny la

we then had our late night activities by the of the game was damn violence until the guys never treated us as girls...omg!!!!!!!
I was almost thrown by 2 guys into the pool!!!!they just grabbed and dragged me out of my group...I was so shocked!!!!
but we did had fun although i hurt myself during the game...haha

It's bed time!!!!But not everyone's was sleeping...I think I was the 3rd one to get onto the bed but woke up 2 hrs later.....I was suprised to find out that I was sleeping with 2 guys on the bed...haha....the guy beside me kept on pulling the blanket away from me.....fuck la!!!!!
cuz not everyone get to have a nice sleep...just imagine that 30 of us have to stuck in the room(but the place was big)...So i was so kind and asked them to sleep on the bed while I was acting like a nerd hanging around watching them doing nothing

so just enjoy the funy pics~

she's lost in the midst...haha
cam whoring again once i reached the resort
the lobby in other block
not him but the background behind him...sorry ya ,tao,,,not u la
i edited this....someone is acting weird la..haha
just took this randomly
in the everywhere

the sudden black out
he saved us n get us out of the dark...haha
listen everyone!!!!
this lil' boy is damn good in pool...i was amazed
romantic place to hang was like we own the place cuz of the guys cheering around
this is the right way to bowl with bare foot...don't focus on the ball cuz it's going into the drain..haha
her 1st time playing pool....
our dinner.....lost in the bowling centre
this is nice tho~romantic enough
i think andy took this pic...all of us were not ready yet!!!!ths really proved that he's inexperienced...haha
boon's pose i s weird...he's been posing this for few hrs in the room
underage kids are not allowed to see this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The gays

trying some new pose as the porn stars..haha
another photographer
the 'queen' was busying collecting everyone's handphones,wallets,cams......
the models for satay advertisement..haha
our supper......hooray~~~~eat non-stop!!!
everyone's busy eating
write down the most memorable words in it.......
was sent to the so-called security for safety before our late night activities

we just love to cam-whore
big eater...she ate non-stop the whole night...even ate in the midnight when i was sleeping..haha
can see the messy~ness???
look here and say CHEESE
can spot the odd????i mean my bling bling cap..haha
everyone,please listen to me or else I'll kick u out of the room..haha
the rubbish~~~

we have cake to eat...but the cake was for display most of the time...none of us realised about it till our organiser nagged at us for taking pictures of the cake non-stop.

organiser:'I think this cake is already a display for you guys to take pictures non-stop since just now'

jo:'haha..everyone's trying to get the best shot of the cake,andy,mine is nicer la,let me see yours'

Andy:'mine is so blur'

Jo:'yr skill not good la..haha'

So,please do enjoy the pictures of the cake~

display 1
can u see someone's busy taking the picture of the cake????haha
display 2
display 3
display 4
display 5

hurt myself during our late night activities by the pool
display 6
finally...can blow the candles~~~~~~
happy birthday to us~~~~~
i love this pic so's so skill
me in the room

'come let's take a pic n prove that u r here'that's wat boon said to everyone n just took everyone's pic randomly..haha
the gang who were busy with their biz in the midnight

4 in the morning
kesian them~~~~~~~~
the left side of the bed
packing to leave soon~
not enough sleep....just slept for 2 hours only
this is how everyone slept
they stole this during breakfast in the cafe.....the two who were desperate for food in the morning until the organiser had no way but let them out of the 'cage' for break fast..haha
i love this.....can i take this home??????
the photographers~as close as enemies..haha
see the one behind me???haha...
jo n summer~my new fren
our organisers-they are great(on the right-owner of the resort..haha)
this is funny~~~~~boon's collections...he bought them but his friends helped him to do it....guess what???he just sticked on the stickers only cuz he didn't know to do it...funny~
by the the view so much
nice pose please~~~~~~~

the lane that leads us to the room
shot 1
shot 2(but different poster)
in the lift before walking down.....blur look
in the morning...the place is nicer at nite
We started to leave the resort in the morning because we have many plans in the noon......
though it was a rush but i did enjoy myself there......
my favourite in my whole life...although it's cheap but it's one of a kind ......miss this so much.....
best friends
we just love the mirror
love this...before shop again and visit someone very very SPECIAL
the messy~ness in the room....both of us were too 'busy' to clean up.....
memory in my whole life..haha.....she tried on the blouse tht her mum bought in s'pore..but not for her.......his dad n her kept on nagging at her mum for buying such an ugly top..haha
cam whoring

~Shopping time AGAIN~

*I was too excited to shop again because haven't finished buying my stuff...haha....I've loads of stuff to buy at 1st,i fell in love with a top in DOROTHY PERKINS and I love it so much..Unfortunately,the size that I wanted was out of stocked..*sob*

So,we headed to another place~ROXY~..My favourite
haha...guess what???the promoters there were so 'kind' to serve me as I've spent so much money there and my bad habit really made them love me~pick n pay in few minutes~..haha

Next,I straight headed to MNG without hesistating and tried many clothes(but I did buy all the clothes that I've tried)....not just go n try for free...k?????
And of cuz I've spent much money there......haha...too thrifty la....

Harn was like...wat the hell??You just paid for everything that you've tried and not thinking twice..haha...
But I did ask her to warn me everytime I shop....

And again,I went back to ROXY for the 2nd time and bought something again...honestly,i was shy to go back to the place for 2nd time..haha...macam orang gila yg gila shopping la....nvr mind la...customer is always right!
~mango n roxy~small n big~this is just the beginning~
my legs were too numb after shopped for my stuff~~~~~~but it's a heaven for me to shop.....Cuz I have $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$(in rupiah)..haha
ROXY~my life!!!!!!!!
*the promoter was too 'kind' to serve me because I've spent alot in ROXY~~~~haha....
but one of them really look like Guy Sebastian..haha*

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