Saturday, November 03, 2007

Art is my life~my precious art of work in my room!

Instead of facing my book for my big exam preparation,I've decided keep my book away as I'm way too lazy to study and don't what should I study..hehe

So,I've spent my study time for my art.I LOVE ART TO THE MAX!
therefore,I've drawn a butterfly and a flower on the pink wall of my room.Both of the design came across to my mind when I felt like drawing.

Mum loves it..haha..Sis is jealous...
Josh wanted me to draw a butterfly for him..haha....
Anyway,I still prefer art than any other thing else!
almost done butterfly!
sis took this..busybody her.haha
my butterfly's done!
my art of work!

close up~

by jo on 3/11/2007

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