Saturday, November 03, 2007

No decision was made!

I've got a digital cam and now considering about buying a new cam .Greedy Jo!!!!!

I've always wanted a camera which is convenience and have get an outcome of outstanding photos.
However,I wanted to buy the Nikon SLR camera few months back in JB which was introduced by my HANDSOME AND GOOD LOOKING guy friend ...........BUT...........I always change my mind...OMG!!!!!!!!!!

I love the cam so much and I also want the cyber shot touch screen camera...haha.....What should I do?????Impossible I would buy the both of them as it's gonna be a waste of my money.

1st of all,I want the Nikon D40X because I love taking artistic photos wherever I go.This cam definitely will give me more quality and outstanding photos.But it's not so convenience sometimes.

As for the cybershot T-50,it's slim n way too convenience but for sure I can't get nice pics as the one from Nikon D40x..haha.......CONFUSING~~~~~~~~~~~~
T-50 touch screen cam

Nikon D40X

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