Monday, October 29, 2007

Couz's wedding~Jo's birthday eve~Recharge party!

8 in the morning.It's damn early to wake up during the weekend!!!!!!
But I had to no matter what just to avoid mum's nagging because today is my couz's big day-27/10/2007~A historical day for him n his soon-to-be wife.

What did really made me piss off early in the morning was my mum's nervousness.
Guess what?It's like her only son's wedding day as it's nt at all.She wanted to be the 1st at my couz's place.OMG!!!!!!!!I can't help enough to ask her take her own sweet time .

She's done her manicure.She's dressing up.She's put on her make up.She's set her nice hair.She's done everything before I woke up!!!!!!!!!!
I can't imagine how's the situation when my lil' bro get married in the future.Haha!

Anyway,I did take a long time to dress up as I'm always 'BLUR' in the morning.Mum pulak nagged me to hurry up.Ta-da~~~~I've appeared in front of her at last!

When we reached couz Danny's (the bridegroom) place,we were the earliest among those relatives who didn't need to do any arrangement for the who wedding thingy.
Mum is so 'KIA SU'.

I was given the job to be the cameraman once my couz-in-law reached cuz he's way too lazy's so tiring mann...
I'm done!
just before to pick the bride up
my future couz-in-law sew this for her wedding!

*My baby niece~Shermaine(i think the spelling is something like this).I met her for the 2nd time since she was born as I'm always busy and didn't have the time to visit her.She's just an adorable gal.But she's way too 'FIERCE' to's not easy to get her from anyone cuz she would shout at anyone..haha...such a niece who doesn't respect this aunt Joann...kesian this aunty pulak...

my cute Shermaine
it's nt easy to get to carry her
I'm done being the camera'woman'..still have to continue my job later
the cousins
she's the smartest couz
gonna fool the bride..hehe
everyone's busying waiting for the couple
the guy in yellow T's even prepared 2 hammers for the bride to open the gate..haha
here's the mpv

he likes to act cool!

Right after the wedding,I had to deal with some stuff which has to do with my cam!!!!!!Fucking hate it!!!!!!!I wana get a new cam!!!!SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After that,couz Kaiwen and Kaibo goona performance for their kindergarten graduation.Couz Kaiwen insisted me to go and kept asking me whether I would go just few hours before her graduation
i'M PROUD OF HER THOUGH!She's one of the representative to deliver a speech.She's always the smartest eventhough she's just 6 years old.

My hyperactive couz Kaibo.

her mum kept putting on make up for her..haha

I've lied to him abt buying him an ice-cream if he could stand still and let me took his pic...(anyway he's forgotten abt it after taking this pic)

this lil' boy is damn cute.He's the limelight for the fashion show

Cousin Danny's wedding dinner

I had to choose a dinner gown for sis from my 'WARDROBE' as she's always stingy to buy her clothes.Whenever I ask her to buy clothes,the only thing she would say is:'You have everything so I don't need to buy at all.Can save up my money'

Such a RIDICULOUS excuse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway ,I didnt need to get so Frustrated abt buying a new gown for couz's wedding dinner as They would go without me!!!!

It's my bday eve!!!!!Of cuz I didn't wana stuck at such a bored dinner!!!

handsome bro

josh likes to b one of a kind

funny couz-in-law n couz
without me at the dinner

happy couple


iT'S MY BIRTHDAY EVE!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's Recharge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've been waiting for this since a month ago as we've planned to go for it.But sadly ,my darling couldn't make it cuz holidaying in Bangladesh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So everyone has the mood to go for it and couldn't wait to club.(I don't know how many of us cuz I nvr counted at all..haha)

The atmosphere was awesome but something has spoilt it~The place with mud everywhere!!!!!
All of us have got dirty once we stepped into the place.OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
anyway,it's so much fun !!!!!!

DJ Tiesto was the best mann!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys,I did have fun with u guys eventhough I looked sick cuz I was sick right after I accidentally stepped on a nail.

Let's go for the next recharge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*thnx to the macho and handsome guy who carried me all the way at the place which full of mud..u r such a great did suprise me though when you suddenly hold me and carried me!!!!!

our pass~~~~
they always block me!!!i'm way too short though
finally i'm infront of them!
queuing up at the entrance
candid shot for Sady!Cute guy~
Sady n moi
us at the recharge!
i just wana focus on the guys who were wearing colourful mannn!!!!

party guys!!!
this really caught my attention!
we love him!!!!!
It's DJ Tiesto!!!cant c him in this pic tho.But he's cool!
sweating~bad hair day
jo @ the recharge
starry starry night!
the firework~
CAndid shot for Navid !!!

****Dear Navid and Sady,PLEASE DON'T SIMPLY PEE ANYMORE!!!!haha

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