Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Britney Spears's new video is a 'BOM'!

I've always ADORE Britney's songs all this while but not anymore after all her SUX attitudes and her relationship with Kevin.

guess what?!?!?I've used to stick all her giant posters in my room and those who entered my room could only say this:'You are a big fan of Britney!'

haha...i think this is so damn ridiculous!Yeah~That's what a 14 year old immature girl would do.An immature girl adores her idol so much until she must have everything to do with her 'BEST IDOL'
And..................That was me!!!!!

Okie dokie~~~Time's passed and all this was just my teenagehood when I was young.
I'm not a kid anymore after I've turned 18.....But sadly I'm gonna turn 19 this Sunday*SOB*
I'm getting older!!!!!!!!!!

Back to my topic,After the 1st time I watched Britney's 'Gimme More' new video,I've got a shock!!!!!~~~Especially her naked part in the video.She's much like a pole dancer in the club than a great singer she was used to be.
But it can't help that I still love her new song~
Something's wrong with me though.

But I do pity her that she's lost her child custody cuz it's not something easy for a mum to cope for losing her kids.A child is everything for a mother even though sometimes a mum does act as 'BEAST' by taking drugs,smoking,clubbing,drinking and other SHIT stuff!

Whatever it is,here's the video of her new single!

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