Sunday, December 16, 2007

Cousins Spree!

Cousins spree is always enjoyable and fun!It's undeniable!!!!
Jolene(my cousin) and I decided to shop till we drop especially at MNG!!!!We've spent 2 hours there trying clothes again and again.
And of course the both of us stucked in a fitting room..haha...SAVE TIME & SAVE ENERGY!
However,I've tried lots of clothes and fell for one of the blouse so much....Unfortunately,I'm way too skinny to fit into a 'M' size~too lose for me!!!!!
Maybe bad luck is always with me because the smallest size has finished sold out!!!!!!!
*pissed off*

Pictures speak a thousand of words.So,cam-whoring session in the MNG fitting room tells everything~

our 1st blouse to it but too lose for me eventhough it's the smallest size

i'm not too tall to get a better angle...haha
love this!
this dress makes me look like a dwarf...both of us feel weird wearing these dresses

I look funny in this's the worst dress ever I've tried
3rd tube top.....both of us didn't buy it

I love this yellow 70's style blouse but I couldn't fit into a bigger more smallest size for me!!!!!!*SOB*
she loves to cam-whore too
now only I partner for cam-whoring

I don't know whether this is a real ginger bread house or a fake one..haha
the 'patung' outside of the mall

last pic!!!!

Anyway,I left with empty-handed from MNG but I did get myself a pair of shoes!!!!!!!
At least I did get something....

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