Sunday, December 16, 2007

Time decides everything in life!

Saturday morning is supposed to be my best beginning for my weekend!

However,everything didn't go well as clockwise this morning when I just woke up.Laptop is my 1st thing to 'face' every morning I wake up.Yea....this morning was unexceptionable too.But I was stunned for a few seconds once 'something pathetic' came out from sis.
'Anthony's grandma has just passed away this morning.'
(This may seems nothing but it did shock me .Moreover,it's in the morning and she told me that once I woke up!)

Apparently,I've known his grandma since I was young and the last time I saw her was during chinese new year.(I don't really remember whether it was this year or last year's chinese new year.SAD CASE!)

I just feel close with her everytime I met her.

And yea...I do recall back an incident when his grandma's place was black out.The 1st thing I did was call him to go back and check on her because she was weak and couldn't really walk.I was worried about her safety and afraid that she might fell down again(as she did fall down few times before that).

Gabra~~~ing(nervous)............When I was walking near to her coffin to see her.I couldn't really see her in the coffin as it was too high...or maybe I'm short.To be honest,I was scared to see her because she might look different.....ya...she does look different !She doesn't look like the old grandma I used to meet before.

Time passes fast and everything just happens beyond our expectation.His grandma passed away just like this.I just couldn't believe it at all.....maybe time really passes fast through the orbit.We just don't know when will we face the end of our life!

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