Sunday, March 30, 2008

I DON'T have a boyfriend right now a.k.a currently.
This is a STUPID and NONSENSE answer when I answer to those who ask me whether I have a boyfriend.Ooops!!!!It's not the question about if I have a boyfriend BUT it's about the money my boyfriend gives to me and what he's doing????

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I've never told them if I DO have a boyfriend or not.
When I tell them that I'm single and do not have one at all,none of them believe.But I do realise that they keep on mentioning that 'you're a pretty girl,impossible you don't have a boyfriend'.
That's what they said.

Ok.Let me figure out something.Is it true that every pretty one FOR SURE has a boyfriend???
I wonder why must they say a pretty girl for sure is in a relationship.But this doesn't happen to me at all!
None of them believe what I say so the only way for me to do is TO KEEP QUIET.
There's no point for me to deny it even though I've done it many times.
Sometimes I just tell them that I want freedom and not being control by someone.

eg:If I have a boyfriend,I have to tell him about my whereabout even when I club.This is SHIT MANN!!!I'm not gonna have this kind of life anymore.Furthermore,one of my friends has this kind of sucks life where she has curfew that is given by her boyfriend whenever she clubs!!!!!!
I hate this !!!!!!!!!!

I've just met a guy who is in his 40s this afternoon and talked about this.I've told him I really don't have a boyfriend but he couldn't believe.
He did tell me something which has changed my judgment on those long relationship before marriage.Even though he was with his ex-wife for 10 years before marriage but they ended up in divorce after 4 years of marriage.This really has proven that there's no guarantee marriage even though you're with someone for so many years.

By now,I'm busying working and enjoying my life.
And honestly,I just leave this to FATE.
If FATE has found someone for me and let me meet him then just let it be naturally .
If it's not the time yet,I can't do anything too.

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