Saturday, May 10, 2008

The BEST thing of Friendster

Just received a message from someone in Friendster and it's not about nonsense msgs from nonsense people but I've realised that Friendster is playing a role as an 'advertiser'.

At first,I thought he asked about my life as the msg entitle 'how's life going on?'.
So without a doubt,I started to read it .My first impression was that he's in credit cards line as me but when I read further,it's about INSURANCE!!!!!!!

And ya,insurance is important for everyone and I've never thought that he would use such 'EFFICIENT' way to promote it.

Anyway,I think that he's using a smart way to get sales though.

Here's the so-called advertisement from him:

Hi, this is XX . Just to make you informed that i am currently working as full time financial planner under Allianz.
With as low as RM120 monthly premium, you are entitled to enjoy our 5 in 1 product which consist of Life (RM60,000), 36 critical illness (RM60,000), Medical Card (RM500,000) and the benefit of premium waive.
With an addition top up to RM150 monthly premium, you can enjoy more coverage with Life (RM100,000), 36 critical illness (RM100,000), Medical Card (RM750,000) and also the benefit of premium waive.
Apart from that, i can offer you some value added services by helping you going through your existing insurance policy if have any and will present to you a summary together with some recommendations so that you can enjoy the most comprehensive protection.
Feel free to drop me an email or sms me to 01X-XXXXXXX or 01X-XXXXXXX. I will response to you asap on the information you required.

Best regards,

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