Monday, May 12, 2008

Lil' bro's 8th birthday

Josh's been thinking of his birthday party since I was in Sarawak.2 months before his birthday.....
This is because I've promised him to give him a birthday party this year.
Mum insisted to cook at home instead of doing the party at she's got all the troublesome busyness by herself.Honestly,I had to help her too.I pay for it but still have to do everything.Haiz~~~~~~

I could see that Josh really enjoy his birthday.

And I was facing some 'problem' in handling my aunt and cousins about the shepherd's pie.I always bake the pie whenever our family has any gathering but not this time as I knew that it would be many people and I'm too lazy to do it..haha

he and his best friends
the aunties
the birthday boy
the mummies for the kids
everyone kept complaining abt this pic..haha
the cake with the candles...i bought the '8' candle all the way from sarawak
happy face from him
singing time
candle blowing time
the kids....can u see there are 2 big sis ss~ing themselves by the side??

the lil' gal caught everyone's attention with her sexy pose
the ss~ing ones..haha
present opening time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Honestly,I've forgotten that every birthday party has present opening time...haha....I'm old already!!!!!
lil' cousin trying to take the present home
his cute smile
the sabotage one....haha
he's happier than josh everytime josh open the present

kids admiring
time's up!!!!!
it's cleaning up time!!!!!

this 2 lil princesses...

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