Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happiness days

I've had the happiness in these 2 days as I've got to eat home-cook dessert and vegetarian food.

Here's the story~
Went to pick up Suki yesterday afternoon (monday noon) so that we could discuss how's the plan will flow on her wedding dinner.When we've reached her place,she gave us a surprise ~different dressing compared to before.Jaz and I were wondering about her change in dressing as she likes to wear something complicated but nice everytime we're out.But this time,she wore a sneakers!!!!!!!!!!!!

Let's back to my topic.
Once she stepped out of the door,this pretty gal was holding 2 cups of drinks.I have no idea what was it but Jaz has known it because Suki did sms and rush her to reach her place faster as the ice was melting soon...haha.....
It's nice though when you get to taste such tasty home-cook dessert.

And ya,I was so silly as a driver!!!!!!!!When I was driving half way,I said something which I should have once I've picked her up.

'Suki,how come I've never thought of asking you to drive so that I can take my time and finish the dessert??'

'Yala.Come,let me drive.'

Then,I quickly stopped my car at a petrol kiosk as she took over my place as a driver.haha

The honeydew sago from her

We're out together again the next day which is Tuesday!!!!!
Our plan for today is accompany Suki to try on her wedding gown and the make up.
When she called me this morning,she asked whether I wanted her to 'da bao' food for me.My answer was 'don't need la' because I just woke up so I was damn blur.After picking up Jaz and I,we went to her place for vegetarian food.Her mum cooked the dishes.It's nice thought!!!!!

What a happiness day for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Suki!!!!!

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