Wednesday, May 14, 2008

A day for me to be GENEROUS!

Today is the day for me being GENEROUS !
Right after my appointment with Suki,I've called up sis to bring her for a new hair cut.I was supposedly to treat her a meal as a reward for her flying colour result in SPM.But due to my 'generosity' by giving her more choices to choose,she's chosen the most expensive one.
So,I've brought her to a professional salon for a new hair cut.Honestly,her hair did look messy and like a bushes .But after cutting off all those bushes,she looks much much better now.
More over,it's an expensive hair cut though.She's way too lucky to have a sis like me to 'sponsor' her such a nice gift.Haha..............However,I'm way too 'suey' to have a sis who doesn't appreciate what I've done for her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sis before her haircut
honestly she looks much much different than before.....haha...

Right after her haircut,we went to Roxy for some shopping .So,I've got myself a suit of bikini...haha.......for my summer holiday of course.I always spend my money on unnecessary things whenever I'm planning for a holiday or attending any dinners.
When mum called me and I told her that I've spend my money on Roxy,she didn't even give me any response......Mum is really used to my shopping habits!!!!!!!

We then had our some Taiwanese snacks as our tea-time.Of course sis didn't need to pay at all when I talked about food!!!!She's way too happy mannn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
How nice to have a good and generous sister as me!!!!!!!!!!!!!*thick face*

The lucky sis and the generous one..haha

The conclusion,my role of the day was as an ATM machine!!!!haha

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