Monday, May 19, 2008

The 'never be the same again' day for us

She's married!
And this is the day for her!
It's also the day for us to wish her all the happiness in the future.

Two months before her wedding dinner,we've planned to buy the dresses and which professional make-up to go for.So,I've spent quite alot money on clothes and shoes.And of course buying a white gold necklace together with the 'ang pau' money.Haha..........

But just few hours before the dinner,I was busy deciding what to wear and I've neglected my make-up and hairstyling.
Just to save up my money(because I have to spend alot on my summer vacation just 2 days after her wedding dinner),I've decided to do the hairstyling and make-up ALL BY MY OWN.
Surprisingly,it just took me less than an hour to get ready even though I was busy sms-ing with few homosapiens!

I started my 'journey' exactly at 7pm as the dinner started at 7pm too.That's what the time is told in the invitation card.Aiya,Chinese wedding dinner is famous with the unpunctuality.Haha...mum was nagging at me for being not punctual even though I drove there.

And ya,I've taken an hour to reach to the restaurant that supposed to take me half an hour.All of this is because of someone's fault as I went to that fella place and that fella wasn't at home without informing me!!!!!!

I've got myself into some cam-whores once I've done!

please ignore the messiness on my bed
It's been a long time that I don't show any fierce look..haha
my hp's turn..haha
the most satisfied one.

While waiting for the dinner to start,(it's almost 8.30pm),we've taken some pics with the newly-wed couple..hehe......ok...actually we're waiting for the VVIP Miss Sherlynn to reach.

the bridegroom and the bride
of course a pic with them
they never get ready all the time
Here comes the VVIP.....haha...macam hollywood celebrity...hey yr table is at the other side la..wrong way already!!!!

We had vegetarian food during the dinner as the bride is a vegetarian.So,all of us from the same table looked like JAKUN everytime the dish's served.Haha..........
the vegetarian fish.The guys found some bones in the fish....haha...halo!!!!It's vegetarian..not the real fish!!!!!
the so-called shark fin..haha....
My only cam-whore during the dinner

love this!!!!!
she loves the camera but I'm not sure whether the camera loves her..haha....anyway she's always pretty infront of the cam...
like mummy and daughter..haha
I've never get a nice solo pose everytime I'm with the VVIP
the 3 of us~not married yet
the worst thing I've done during a dinner
never miss out our bad habit even on her wedding dinner..haha
the complete us

Last pic with the bride's mum before we left

After the dinner,all of us suggested to club.This is because there's no alcoholic drinks during the vegetarian dinner.It's clubbing life again !!!!!!!!!We did have fun but it's just made us feel weird when she's not with us as she's someone's wife now!!!!!!!!!
Whatever it is.We still need to club to survive.

P/s:No pics of clubbing after the dinner as none of us feel like taking any at all.

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