Saturday, June 07, 2008

I was shopping alone this evening while sis went to get her stuff.
While I was looking at some stuff,a credit card sales person approached me.I'm not gonna tell which bank is it but I recognized this group of sales ppl as I met them before when I was working.

The guy:'Miss,wana try our credit card as we're promoting our new offers?'
Jo:'Sorry,I'm not eligible yet as I'm still under aged for credit cards.'
The guy:'You sure or not?'

*Are you trying to tell me that I look mature*

'Of course I'm sure'*laughing*

*The guy was trying to find someone behind of me.*

The guy:
'Where is your boyfriend?You can ask him to supplement a credit card for you.'
Jo:'I'm alone and don't have a boyfriend.'

I walked away right after that without giving him a damn anymore!

Excuse me!I don't need a guy to get a credit card for me at all.I will only get it for myself when I'm affordable!

I've never seen any sales person say this at all during the period I was working in credit card line for half a year.OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!This guy is sux!!!!!!!

He really looks down on the girls though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*anger*

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